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Pierogie Possibilities

Football, Football, Football!

Finger food and football are as American as apple pie….Lets be honest, we all like to serve something a little different for our guests. That's where we come in. Order some of our Buffalo Chicken pierogies for your Game Day spread and watch your football fans go crazy!!!!

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Our pierogies are wonderful anytime of the day. They are also a wonderful addition to any of the occasions below.

Baby or Wedding Shower

Hosting a baby or wedding shower in the next few months? Do you want to give your guests a wonderful meal while they shower the bride-to-be or mommy-to-be with wonderful gifts? Give us a call…we will provide you with our pre-cooked frozen pierogies and you can have them weeks ahead of time so it's one less thing you have to do the morning of the shower. We will not mind one bit if you take credit for making these handmade pierogies all by yourself!!!!

TIP: Also let the mommy-to-be know that a frozen pierogie out of the freezer makes a great teether for her infant!!

Cocktail or Happy Hour

The wonderful thing about planning a cocktail party or Happy Hour is that you do not have to serve your guests a big meal. BUT, they do expect some food to fill their stomachs while sipping your finest wine. Our different flavors of pierogies would be a good switch from the mundane mozzarella sticks and cheese and crackers found at other parties. We also offer vegetarian flavors so everyone can have something to munch on while mingling.

Welcome a New Neighbor

What a better way to welcome a new neighbor then by dropping off an easy meal. Once they find their frying pan they can walk to the freezer and saute up these tasty treats.

New Baby

Usually with a new baby you don't have a whole lot of time to head out to Wegman's. Give a few bag of our pierogies to the young family and they will be so grateful!!!

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When asked to bring a dish to pass at a family party on my husband's side of the family, I immediately thought of infusing some of my Polish heritage into the festivities. I wanted to bring Pierogi's but when I thought about the time and expense of my making them myself, I quickly changed my mind. I then happened upon a lovely young sales person who just so happened to know this guy. That is how I happened upon the Pierogie Guy. I bought dozens of every kind imaginable. I was delighted with the outcome as I was praised for the wonderful dish I brought to the party. Well the next year came along, and I decided to bring a different dish, 'who wants to bring the same thing every year' I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong, I was told all in good fun of course, that if I didn't bring those Pierogie Guy's Pierogie's next year that I could just stay home. I'll be placing my big order every year. Thanks Pierogie Guy!!!!
- Margarotza Okoniewicz Magin, Rochester, NY

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