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How The Pierogie Guy™ came to be

It all started as a craving for Grandma K's pierogies….

After a few phone calls to Grandma K and some tried-and-true testing, The Pierogie Guy™ came to life. A labor of love, our small kitchen was turned into a sifting, rolling, boiling, pinching pierogie factory. Who knew?

Soon we were serving them to friends and family with rave reviews. Even the picky children were scooping them from their plates and enjoying them. Word of mouth spread and relatives, friends and co-workers were coming back for more.

If you are at all familiar with the amount of time and effort that goes into the pierogie making process, you will appreciate what The Pierogie Guy™ does. It is obvious that passion goes into every tender pinch and the taste reflects this.

The Pierogie Guy™ has perfected his dough and traditional pierogie fillings such as:

He also has introduced many non-traditional flavors such as:

We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients that make The Pierogie Guy™ pierogies a nutritious meal for our family and yours.

We thank you for purchasing our product(s).

- The Pierogie Guy™ / Melting Pot Foods, Inc.

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When asked to bring a dish to pass at a family party on my husband's side of the family, I immediately thought of infusing some of my Polish heritage into the festivities. I wanted to bring Pierogi's but when I thought about the time and expense of my making them myself, I quickly changed my mind. I then happened upon a lovely young sales person who just so happened to know this guy. That is how I happened upon the Pierogie Guy. I bought dozens of every kind imaginable. I was delighted with the outcome as I was praised for the wonderful dish I brought to the party. Well the next year came along, and I decided to bring a different dish, 'who wants to bring the same thing every year' I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong, I was told all in good fun of course, that if I didn't bring those Pierogie Guy's Pierogie's next year that I could just stay home. I'll be placing my big order every year. Thanks Pierogie Guy!!!!
- Margarotza Okoniewicz Magin, Rochester, NY

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