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When asked to bring a dish to pass at a family party on my husband's side of the family, I immediately thought of infusing some of my Polish heritage into the festivities. I wanted to bring Pierogi's but when I thought about the time and expense of my making them myself, I quickly changed my mind. I then happened upon a lovely young sales person who just so happened to know this guy. That is how I happened upon the Pierogie Guy. I bought dozens of every kind imaginable. I was delighted with the outcome as I was praised for the wonderful dish I brought to the party. Well the next year came along, and I decided to bring a different dish, 'who wants to bring the same thing every year' I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong, I was told all in good fun of course, that if I didn't bring those Pierogie Guy's Pierogie's next year that I could just stay home. I'll be placing my big order every year. Thanks Pierogie Guy!!!!
- Margarotza Okoniewicz Magin, Rochester, NY

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